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    Welcome to the Web Site
    of Anne and Robert Tighe

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Nothing is Simple
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Grand Canyon, North Rim

Yellowstone Park

Moab, Utah

Yosemite Park


    This is the introductory page for everything Anne and Bob, with connections to
    much of what we have placed on the web so far.  The design is simple, almost bare bones,
    and navigation largely limited to choices in the frames on the right side of each page.
    (not linking out of the box, are we?).

    However, we welcome you, and encourage you to browse the connections.
    Discover more about Robert or Anne, or link to Robert's mostly monthly blog,
    titled Nothing is Simple, and perhaps read some entries, respond to them ...or not.

    There are also a few links to pictures of most of our recent grand outdoor adventures.
    Listed in chronological order:  the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (July 2012),
    Yellowstone Park (May 2013), National Parks around Moab, Utah (October 2013),
    Yosemite (May 2014), and through Europe and the United Kingdom (September 2015).
    Somehow (with a little help from our friends) we not only survived each of these,
    but managed to have a very good time.