Robert Tighe

    A life not so simple ...


Career:     Science Teacher
    Now retired after 25 years in middle and high schools.

      Subjects taught:
        Physical Science
        Earth Science
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      Proud Member of the National Education Association
        (and strong supporter of unions and the power of organized workers)

    Employment Prior to teaching:

      Energy analyst for municipal electric utility in Alameda, CA
        Anyone for low-wattage lights and better insulation? I recommended them to
        local businesses. Remember that in the 1970's we had a serious energy crisis,
        and that government policies were actually trying to address it?

      Meter reader for the same Utility
        More than 7 hours of walking each day, and I rode a bicycle to work--
        not much intellectual stimulation, but I was in great shape.

      Cannery worker in Santa Cruz, CA
        Work hard for 6 to 10 hours, lifting and pushing trays of boxed veggies into a rack,
        on their way to the freezer, and come home smelling like brussels sprouts!

      Zucchini harvester near Salinas, CA
        By far the hardest job I've ever had - bend over, pick zucchini, fill a bucket
        and empty it, repeatedly, in 90+ degree heat, for eight hours a day.
        When you eat your veggies, give thanks to underpaid farm workers.

      Truck driver for the Oakland Tribune
        Load and deliver hundreds of bundles of newspapers to locations where
        hundreds of delivery kids were waiting to start their routes, all at 6 am.

      Marine Corps Radio Repairman
        One year of electronics training, which has proved very useful.  This was
        followed by one year in North Carolina and one year in Vietnam, fixing
        large aviation transceivers, most of them with vacuum tubes--truly retro.

      Gas station attendant in Oakland, CA
        Pumping gas on the graveyard shift, back when we automatically checked
        your oil and washed your windshield, with gas at 30 cents a gallon.