Robert Tighe

    A life not so simple ...


Novels, Completed or Almost Completed or Somewhere in the Middle:
    The Demands of Empire:    (being revised)

      Frank is an ordinary county social worker.  His wife Cynthia, who teaches fourth grade,
      has recently become pregnant, and they are looking forward to starting a family. Then
      Frank disappears, suddenly and inexplicably kidnapped and imprisoned.  Cynthia and
      her friends, starting with minimal information, must try to determine what happened,
      and why ... and do whatever they can to get Frank back.
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    Little Bright Light:    (completed)

      In Albuquerque a massage therapist is accused of serial murder after a pattern is detected:
      several nursing home patients have died not long after she treated them.  Homicide detective
      Charlie Martin investigates and finds no evidence linking her with the deaths, but then he is
      accused of a coverup.  The resulting media and internet storm, rising from interconnected
      cultural, racial, and political tensions, threatens his job and his family.
    Right Decent:    (completed)

      Pat Sanders is the host for a popular drive-time talk show in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
      Station management, citing advertiser pressure, asks him to develop a more conservative
      on-air stance, a move that creates dissension among his wife and friends.  These difficulties
      are compounded when he's offered a nationally syndicated show and is faced with a difficult
      career decision.
    Anasazi Files:    (completed)

      Homicide detective Charlie Martin is assigned to a case in which a badly decomposed body
      is found at home. The autopsy is ambiguous as to whether foul play was involved, but
      Martin continues the investigation, eventually unravelling a plot that has already resulted
      in several murders.
    Renewal:    (completed)

      A variety of people remaining after massive societal collapse struggle with survival,
      including sustenance needs and interpersonal conflicts, and work to reinterpret the past
      in order to restore order and guide the rebuilding of human culture and society.