Paris, France

Paris is ancient and new culture, old and new architecture, French audacity, great food, and so much more.
Within blocks there are the cathedral Notre Dame de Paris and the Saint Chapelle, both on the Ile de la Cite,
both awe-inspiring in different ways.  Paris Metro is the best public transportation system in the world, a vital
convenience, but it is a city for avid walkers who appreciate monumental buildings (and marvelous monuments)
and small well-tended parks... and intimate cafes with excellent coffee, wine, beer, and snacks.

Saint Eustache is one of the nicer Gothic cathedrals in Paris, although the exterior facades on the west
and south sides are quite different from most.  It is located in Les Halles, in the 1st arrondissement--
and has the largest pipe organ in the city. Inside, in one of the small sections along the north aisle,
is a enchanting diorama depicting "Le depart des fruits et legumes", the forced relocation of the
large outdoor wholesale market from the plaza south of the cathedral in 1971, after a continuous run
of almost eight centuries.

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