San Francisco, California
United States of America

Everybody knows where San Francisco is. It built itself as the polyglot port for the California gold rush,
survived the devastating 1906 earthquake, and recovered as a commercial and tourism center.  Following
World War II it had the good fortune to contain, in its (perhaps misnamed) North Beach neighborhood,
the home of City Lights Bookstore and the west coast Beat movement. It also benefited from close
proximity to the political unrest of the Berkeley area in the 1950's and 1960's. San Francisco became
and has remained a vibrant political and cultural center with a stimulating multicultural population.

In a relatively short walk, you can go from Union Square (shopping and hotels) through Chinatown and
North Beach (fabulous food!) and on to Fisherman's Wharf (tourist enticements), or you can take the
cable car.  Actually, a cable car ride should be on your bucket list...

There are many challenging streets like this, but they can be avoided, if you wish to.

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