Saint Malo, France

Saint Malo is on the coast in the northeast corner of Brittany (Bretagne).  A completely surrounded
medieval walled city, enlarged and improved through periods of prosperity, fueled by trade and the
support of successful corsairs, in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  During World War II it was
occupied by German troops and subsequently thoroughly bombed by allied forces, but was accurately,
and very impressively, rebuilt as part of the Marshall Plan.  It is now a European beach resort and
an embarcation point for cruise ships heading for the Channel Islands.

The thirteenth-century keep to the north of the city, taken from the top of the city wall.
At high tide the keep is completely surrounded by water.

Within fifty miles of Saint Malo are any number of delightful small towns, not to mention
the very well known and spectacular tourist trap Mont St. Michel (if you go there, get there
early in the morning).  But one of the best towns is Dinan, which contains everything you
would want in a petite ville; cafes, antique stores, picturesque old churches, and streets that
take you back centuries.

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