York, England

York is near the east coast of England. Inside the old town walls is a mixture of tudor and newer
architecture, narrow and narrower streets, tourist shops, delightful tea shops, and good restaurants.
Museums include a relatively famous Viking museum, which often has an extensive line of patient
tourists outside, and an excellent household museum, featuring dioramas of typical living rooms
from several centuries of English life.
The York Minster, a fairly typical Perpendicular style structure, is the second largest Gothic cathedral in
northern Europe.  Completed in 1472, it is distinctive in color, constructed of a creamy white magnesian
limestome quarried nearby (in this picture one of the towers was undergoing maintenance work).
York is bisected by one of England's wide navigable canals. Paths along the side are a delight for
recreational walkers.

One bakery in York seemed to specialize in themes based on one of England's most popular export products.

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