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Commons Problems

If you want to talk about the environment or natural resources or about publicly available information or even privately held resources that are widely shared, you should recognize a concept that describes a well-researched and widely recognized problem. One of … Continue reading

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Going Anti-Postal

The Constitution of the United States, in Article I, Section 8, recognizes the importance in a democratic society of interpersonal communication: “The Congress shall have power to … establish post offices and post roads … “. But the United States … Continue reading

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Did He Build It?

Every day of the Republican 2012 convention had a theme—you know, one of those profound, metaphorically rich, illustrative, but short, phrases that political campaigns create in order to quickly and repetitively highlight key ideas that differentiate their candidate from the … Continue reading

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Winter of the Economy

The collapse of the housing and credit markets and the derivatives industry that fed on both of them resulted in the worst global economic crisis since the 1930’s. It has eased up somewhat in the past two years in the … Continue reading

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Economy and Plutocracy

The United States is recovering from the 2008 recession, a massive dislocation which was the worst economic disaster in more than 70 years. It could have been worse, but the federal government acted rapidly. There have been signs of improvement. … Continue reading

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