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Poor Connections

In interviews and campaign press releases, Republican leaders like to brag about their humble beginnings and how much they care about people who are suffering financially. This has been a common GOP strategy at least as far back as the … Continue reading

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Envy, Fear, Hate

Envy and self-pity, and the negative feelings that result from them, are normal human emotions. Envy and self-pity are also often connected, not only in the sense that they can arise from the same life experiences, but because they tend … Continue reading

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Tenure and Teaching

In California a district judge has responded to a lawsuit by throwing out the state’s tenure protections for teachers, including the provisions that require schools to consider job seniority in decisions regarding hiring and laying off teachers. One of my … Continue reading

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Leave Behind NCLB

The Obama Administration has recently announced that a waiver has been granted to Arizona, along with at least twelve other states, to release them from the strict requirements and punitive consequences of the No Child Left Behind Act. This is … Continue reading

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