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Ban Books and More

As I write this we are in the midst of a national effort to ban ideas. This isn’t anything new; our politicians and pundits have been involved in what has become known as the “culture wars” for years, and previous … Continue reading

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Defund What?

Proposals to “Defund the Police” are trending as I write this, spurred on by the deaths of George Floyd and Breanna Taylor, among others. But the defund movement has a much longer history in the United States, with serious arguments … Continue reading

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Poor Connections

In interviews and campaign press releases, Republican leaders like to brag about their humble beginnings and how much they care about people who are suffering financially. This has been a common GOP strategy at least as far back as the … Continue reading

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Veterans, Schools, and Scapegoats

Robert McDonald, the new Secretary of Veterans Affairs, has announced his plans to reform the Veterans Administration in the wake of a national scandal. The whole thing began when it was discovered that veterans experienced excessive wait times for care … Continue reading

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Media Education

This year there have been two full-length movie documentaries about education in the United States. Each has attempted to make a significant contribution to the continuing discussion regarding improving the future of our children. Only one of them, however, provides … Continue reading

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