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Macho Excess

In our culture we tend to idolize macho—probably too much. There have been some discussions recently about what some have called “toxic masculinity,” the specific attitudes and behaviors that are associated with the male image and that we now recognize … Continue reading

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What, vote?

Another presidential election has passed, and once again the pundits are scrambling to interpret the results. This time they seem a bit more disoriented than normal, largely because the pre-election pollsters all predicted the wrong results. They have managed to … Continue reading

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Veterans, Schools, and Scapegoats

Robert McDonald, the new Secretary of Veterans Affairs, has announced his plans to reform the Veterans Administration in the wake of a national scandal. The whole thing began when it was discovered that veterans experienced excessive wait times for care … Continue reading

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Supreme Scandal?

Perhaps you believe that you keep up with the actions of the Supreme Court. You may even recognize, as I do, that the decisions of these nine judges have a significant effect on the lives of all of us in … Continue reading

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