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Varsity Blues

Currently working its way through the courts in the United States are the various cases connected under what has been nicknamed Operation Varsity Blues. This investigation became public in March of 2019 and involves 53 people who used bribery and … Continue reading

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Veterans, Schools, and Scapegoats

Robert McDonald, the new Secretary of Veterans Affairs, has announced his plans to reform the Veterans Administration in the wake of a national scandal. The whole thing began when it was discovered that veterans experienced excessive wait times for care … Continue reading

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Leave Behind NCLB

The Obama Administration has recently announced that a waiver has been granted to Arizona, along with at least twelve other states, to release them from the strict requirements and punitive consequences of the No Child Left Behind Act. This is … Continue reading

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Standardized Errors

What is it with standardized tests? They are the primary method of evaluation for the No Child Left Behind law (NCLB) and “school accountability”. Student test scores are being used as the principal data source for “value-added” assessments of teachers, … Continue reading

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